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For all those affected by a rare chromosome disorder.

Welcome to the CDO Web Site!  Celebrating our 18th year!  You’re here and you’re not alone.

Chromosome Disorder Outreach, Inc. is a non–profit organization, founded, supported, and run by parents just like you. Our children are affected by a wide range of chromosome disorders, including deletions, duplications, trisomies, inversions, translocations, and rings. Sometimes these disorders are so unusual that doctors tell us, "You’re the only one out there." But now using our newly introduced web application we have the capability to specifically categorize chromosomal karyotypes and finally begin to understand more about the genes involved in each rare chromosome rearrangement. We hope to eventually improve specifically tailored treatments to help affected individuals.

Please read our Introduction to Chromosomes for more about these rare disorders. We’ve been helping each other for over eighteen years. Our families live around the world and CDO provides a network of support and information through an extensive library of available up–to–date articles, detailed registry, newsletters, and a listserv that’s online 24 hours a day, every day. Please join us. Your support of CDO will help promote research and a better understanding of our children’s rare chromosome disorders.

Show Your Support Today! Help us raise awareness of rare chromosome disorders. Enjoy delicious fudge or purchase a beautiful awareness bracelet for Valentine’s Day. Get a CDO car magnet, t–shirt or keepsake cookbook. And when searching online always GOODSEARCH for CDO. Please click here or any picture below for more info.


Chromosome Disorder Outreach, Inc. is a current member of the Genetic Alliance & NORD and a 2010 Rare Disease Day Partner.

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