Rare Chromosome Disorder Awareness

Help raise awareness - here are some ideas - please tell us yours!


Download the new Rare Chromosome Disorder Awareness logos and add to your personal pages. Email kelly.paulson@chromodisorder.org for instructions on how to create your own personalized template.


Purchase new Chromosome Awareness Disorder t-shirts from our Zazzle.com store.
(Click the pictures to go to our zazzle.com page)


Distribute CDO brochures - tell others what CDO does and how we can help.


Organize an awareness raising activity to help spread the word. Did you know that TGI Fridays, Chili's, Chick-fil-A, Applebees and many others have donation programs to support non-profits? Check with your local restaurant to learn more. Organize an event and CDO will supply bookmarks, brochures and flyers.  Need help?  E-mail us for ideas.


Share your story - tell us about your experience with yours or a loved one's rare chromosome disorder. Post your story on our Facebook page or submit to our newsletter.
Send a Tweet every day for the week describing how your child with a chromosome disorder is courageous, determined, optimistic, and more. 

Email information and a photo of your child to CDO at info@chromodisorder.org (diagnosis, likes, daily accomplishments, etc.). We will feature several children each day on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter during the week of June 12-18.
Have photos or a a video you would like to share? Send it to us to add to our newsletter, Facebook and YouTube. 

Social Media

Join us on social media - follow us on TwitterYouTubeFacebook and Pinterest
Become a friend to CDO and support our efforts to raise awareness!! Rare Chromosome Awareness Week is June 12-18, 2016. 


Download the RCDAW flyer by clicking here.


You can add your own photo to the CDO's Rare Chromosome Awareness Week flyer by following these instructions:  Request the RCDAW no photo.pdf file from Kelly Paulson kelly.paulson@chromodisorder.org 


Insert the photo of your choice into a Word document. In Word, "copy" the photo (CTRL+C). With the flyer "RCDAW no photo.pdf" open in Adobe Reader, paste the photo (CTRL+V). It will be large! You can click on the photo in Adobe to resize by using the mouse to pull in the corners. Click on the photo and hold down the mouse to move. There is a white rectangle for the photo.

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