If you are trying to locate a healthcare provider knowledgeable in rare chromosome disorders you might find a specialist within our database.

Search for providers by name or by the state and ZIP code in which they practice, as well as by specialty.

Our list consists of doctors, researchers, genetic counselors, therapists and other healthcare professionals who have chosen to become members of Chromosome Disorder Outreach.

Disclaimer: Chromosome Disorder Outreach, Inc. cannot recommend specific physicians or endorse particular treatments. Nor can we guarantee that all members listed specialize in the treatment of rare chromosome disorders. CDO also does not attest to the credentials of its professional members, nor do we evaluate their competency.

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The medical providers listed in this directory are professional members of Chromosome Disorder Outreach, Inc. who have chosen to be listed in this database. Chromosome Disorder Outreach. Inc. does not make personal referrals, but offers supplemental resource information to assist you in making more knowledgeable decisions. Questions or concerns should always be directed to your personal healthcare provider.

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